November 24, 2010



You who support this ministry have every right to be proud of it! God smiles on it!
Please THANK GOD by forwarding this to EVERY person on your email list to help us brag on God for the great victory year 2010 for Layman Lessons Ministries. Ask your email list friends to join our email list and pray for us 1 minute weekly! I set a goal for 10,000 Prayer “Minute Men” when we only had 100…we now have 1,500!

Special Thanks to encouraging, supporting BOARD OF DIRECTORS members Chair Dr. Cynthia Rector, David Caniff, Clyde Beavers, Martha Pfeil, David Briley, David Neal, Chuck Mandt (Georgia), Kay Kelly (Ohio), 1st Presbyterian (Ocala, FL), Steve Richards, The Bridge Fellowship, Mt Juliet, TN, Chuck & Delaine Klusener, “Rookie of the Year” Karrie Cherry, and all our Board members.

Todd Hunley, Chick Fil A Rivergate, our first supplier and still primary meat supplier Norman Rubio, Publix Hermitage and Antioch, our largest overall food donor Brian Salmone’, Olive Garden Rivergate, our largest banquet food donor T.J. and Teresa, Olive Garden Hickory Hollow, our largest banquet food donor Stephen Lin, China Buffet, Gallatin and Hendersonville Red Lobsters, Pizza Huts, Starbucks Ken Binkley Signs for lettering our vehicles, exhibit booth, parking our vehicles!

David Neal family donated our 1994 Ford Van we used for 5 years!
Chuck Benson donated our Chevy Step Van we used for 3 years!
Trojan Labor donated our 2001 Chevy Van!
Joe Dill with Inner City Ministries donated our School bus we used for 3 years!
Phil and Julie Robertson donated the Dodge Ram pickup doing double duty now.
Tom Alexander, The Bridge Fellowship Mt Juliet completely restored our Chevy Van!
All 32 Churches whose members/attenders supported us in 2010!


As a Christian Patriots Minister, Historian, Constitutionalist, Documentarian, Author,Louie E. Johnston Jr. personifies the American dream, being blessed of God in the greatest nation on earth for opportunity.


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