September 24, 2011


Gunfight on our Homeless Ministries Parking Lot wounds 2 men! Yes, this was reported on Nashville Television News last week. It happened at 3 A.M. last week as our parking lot is owned by a “Swinger’s Club” that cares more
about the Homeless than 3 local Faith Based groups who declined to allow us to use their parking lots for our Ministries…only this lot, this club owner has supported our Ministries by the use of his lot. Now…believe me when I say we Minister in The War Zone.
Also, believe me this is why we Minister during daylight hours Saturdays, so it will be safe and secure for Family Volunteers, and has been for 10 years now! Providing a safe, secure, orderly, respectful, revival environment for this training is priceless!
Any one, any age, can do this work God commanded Christians to do… According to Matthew 25:37-40, We Feed Jesus! How often “He eats is our choice. Clyde Beavers, Rob Fessmire, and Mr. Lower pray with 11 Homeless God Seekers, of whom 6 made new Professions of Faith!




Ministers…every one of these. Ministers serve others, physical needs, then spiritual needs.


Hot Banquet Meals served in Jesus name on real plates, metal forks, with napkins and a smile!


As a Christian Patriots Minister, Historian, Constitutionalist, Documentarian, Author,Louie E. Johnston Jr. personifies the American dream, being blessed of God in the greatest nation on earth for opportunity.


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