March 27, 2010



Ugly, bloody Fist Fight between 2 Homeless men in the Clothing line reminds us our ministry functions inside a War Zone, to Hopeless people who cannot come and go in the War Zone…they live in it.

It also vindicated our Ministry as safe for families, restoring order very quickly, at no time were volunteers placed in harm’s way. Today’s fight was just the 4th onsite in 8 years of ministry, as our Ministry focuses on Order and Mutual Respect before God. Let it remind us all there are Hopeless and Homeless people desperate for God’s mercy and
love…right in our back yards…in The War Zone.


Preaching concluded, these Homeless Responded to the Altar Call in Repentence, seeking God’s help for their lives. Led to a private area behind the PA System, volunteers are assigned people to counsel and pray with, as close to one on one as we can get. Josh Inman from The Bridge Fellowship in Mt. Juliet, is assigned the first Repenter and leads her to join him and his wife for counsel and prayer. Men and women who want to learn to pray with people, to lead souls to God, come.


Pastor Richard Gay and Volunteer Marshal Boats enjoy the honor of praying!


Always hustling behind the scenes, Karrie Cherry is finally caught on camera, setting up receptacles for placing dirty plates and forks prior to beginning our Church service, so we move forward without distractions. Karrie had already
picked up a truck load of food from Publix, Hermitage, and later delivered our onsite meal surplus to our Monday through Saturday Homeless feeding operation.
Karrie had already worked on the Clothes Bus, supervised the Sack Lunch factory, doing all the behind the scenes work…we salute Karrie and her servant heart. She returned from Vacationing in San Francisco, without catching
Share these blessings…just show up to help any Saturday morning. Bring your children age 6 or older, if they mind you, and let them learn from your example. This ministry is not funded by any Church, Denomination or Government entity.
2003-2010 Total Salaries & Wages paid = $zero, nada, zilch, nothing, none!
2003-2010 Donations spent for Homeless Ministries = 100%
We need donations of PASSENGER VANS, BUSSES, STEP VANS/good used
cars/trucks…we will put them TO GOOD USE!

As a Christian Patriots Minister, Historian, Constitutionalist, Documentarian, Author,Louie E. Johnston Jr. personifies the American dream, being blessed of God in the greatest nation on earth for opportunity.


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