January 22, 2011



Bank Balance $73 due to blown engine replaced this week for $1,200 and we replaced critical worn out equipment as well. It took all but $73 to get up to speed.
Remember we now contract setup and take down supervision, as we have not had enough volunteers to do it. Volunteers now get more interaction time with the Homeless instead of setup work, so come on back and share the blessing!

Crosspoint Church, West Nashville, came to work today and shared the blessing!

West Nashville

It is the service call given to every one of God’s children to Feed the Hungry, Clothe the Naked, Shelter the Homeless, Preach the Good News, and Train Disciples. It is seeing our love in action, in brutal weather circumstances, like 19 degrees today, that the Homeless see in action, that melts their hearts. It is the Praise and Worship music that carries
anointing from our lips to the human ears that pierces the heart to draw near to God.
When this activity is covered in the prayers of God’s people, God is moved to mercy acts, and when God is moved to grant Mercy and Grace to sinners…Revival is the result.

Chuck Klusener oversees our hot Food Service, which Crosspoint served smiling.

Chuck Klusener

Crosspoint Church, Bubba Ghee, Chuck Klusener, Steve Sinclair, Bill Gemmill, making Peanut Butter sandwiches, assembling sack lunches, packing goodies to go… ok, today thanks to Publix in Hermitage, our sack lunches had 2-3 pieces of premium Whitman Chocolates among the goodies we have become known for serving up.

Whitman Chocolates


Martha Pfeil sings “He Knows Your Name”…is it just me, or is that the most amazing thought I dare imagine? Our Homeless crowd perked up their ears, held their heads up higher, were extremely attentive to God’s word. Martha is one of our Board Members, prayer warrior, and takes ownership of our ministry, for the past few months taking on our Clothes Bus to get it ready working during the week to collect clothing and Saturdays
organizing it.

15 Homeless Repenters came forward to find God today, of which these 7 below were counseled by Pastor/Elder Richard Gay and led to Professions of Faith, each declaring they were determined to live their remaining days by living Gods ways, not our own.


Below 2 Judson Baptist Church men, American Airlines Pilot Steve Sinclair and Educator Bill Gemmill felt the honor of sharing the blessing while praying with Homless men repenting and declaring they want to let God rule their lives from this day forward. It is an honor.



Mike Foust from The Bridge Fellowship in Mt Juliet, shows the Christian maturity most lack when counseling the Homeless spiritually…it is called “listening prayerfully” while a stranger pours out their heat in confession, repentance, with their cry for mercy. Too many times volunteers I see simply talk too much, instead of listening prayerfully to repenters. God has already convicted their hearts, drawn them to Himself in repentance to make confession and cleanse their hearts before God… a mini sermon or personal story interferes tragically.

Thank You Crosspoint Church for being our core volunteer group in 19 degree cold today!


As a Christian Patriots Minister, Historian, Constitutionalist, Documentarian, Author,Louie E. Johnston Jr. personifies the American dream, being blessed of God in the greatest nation on earth for opportunity.


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