January 15, 2011



12 Homeless make Professions of Faith in response to God’s Altar Call invitation to live the rest of their days for God. Reverend Richard Gay leads this group to God.


Architect Tom Dooley huddles with 4 Homeless Men desperate to find God, right now


Chuck Klueser, MBA, our Head Chef, prays with 5 Homeless God Seekers, to find God


Martha Pfeil sings Peace in the Valley to our large crowd of Homeless and Hopeless!
After Martha sang, these humble Homeless had been loved on for a couple of hours with Hot Coffee served in a bottomless cup, with a smile, where they sat, hearing Praise and Worhip music over our PA System that melted their hearts toward God.

It is this agenda and formula my friends, formed over years of Homeless Ministries, that prepares Homeless Hearts to receive the Word of God and respond to His Love. So by this time, when they heard God’s simple truth from Romans 2:7-11, and were given the choice to be Self Seekers or God Seekers, 19 Homeless chose our God! As the anonymous “preacher”, who has been honored to lead 8,500 Homeless to find God in these same outdoor “tent meeting Church services” I have learned the true meaning of the Bible term “the foolishness of preaching”,
for it is not an art, nor is it a science, nor is it required for man to be saved…but it is the great honor of being used by God as HIS microphone to relay God’s Word that yields great fruit, for it is God’s Word that pierces our hearts and points us to our Creator God to serve.

It is the service call given to every one of God’s children to Feed the Hungry, Clothe the Naked, Shelter the Homeless, Preach the Good News, and Train Disciples. It is seeing our love in action, in brutal weather circumstances, that the Homeless see in action, that melts their hearts. It is the Praise and Worship music that carries anointing from our lips to the human ears that pierces the heart to draw near to God. When this activity is covered in the prayers of God’s people, God is moved to mercy acts, and when God is moved to grant Mercy and Grace to sinners…Revival is the result.


Architect Tom Dooley has been a life saver, a true volunteer, often the only male volunteer that showed up time after time in this brutal winter cold to help us do the hard work of setting up and taking down our Mobile Homeless Street Ministry.
Here Tom is the only volunteer to serve our famous Hot Coffee to 100+ Homeless…Tom understands the great blessing of giving up personal comfort to share God’s love with God’s neediest children. Tom gets it. He could use some help, as our 5 volunteers today are just not enough for this wonderful work…


Jill and Martha were our only volunteers to work our Clothes Bus today, and they found a way to serve every Homeless person in need of clothing before leaving. These ladies can sure use some help…Jill drove in to help us, from Arkansas.


Your Clothing is a huge hit with Homeless who depend on us for life saving warm clothing to survive this brutal winter cold. The look you see in these eyes, in case you have not seen it enough personally to define it, is the look of NEW HOPE, that because somebody really cared, he has another “start” , another chance to compete for work with 6,000 other Homeless in this area, because he has clothing that is clean and neat, like normal people wear, that does not stink. It is NEW HOPE!


This is what Layman Lessons Ministries does, and what you have every right to be proud of in every way, to support with your prayers, your volunteer service, your donations of surplus clothing, cars, trucks, busses, vans, HOUSING for our Training Centers, your incredibly important dollars that pay for our expenses of supplies, equipment, insurance, so we can keep our vehicles on the road gathering food donations to feed the 2,000 Homeless Meals we provide each and every week.

As a Christian Patriots Minister, Historian, Constitutionalist, Documentarian, Author,Louie E. Johnston Jr. personifies the American dream, being blessed of God in the greatest nation on earth for opportunity.


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