December 8, 2011



Hot Banquet Lunch plates to Homeless

Donelson View Baptist serving Hot Banquet Lunch plates to Homeless in the snow!

Judson leads the Banquet Food Serving

Chris from Judson leads the Banquet Food Serving with hot food from Chuck, in the snow.

Pastor Richard Gay

Pastor Richard Gay leads 1 Homeless man to Profession of Faith, while Brian counsels and prays wih 7 God Seekers, all in a windy snow storm to start 2011.

These napkins

Special Thanks to good friends for these special gifts. These napkins with “Louie’s” were found in an auction in Kansas where my friend immediately arranged to buy several cases for us to use to wrap the silverware the Homeless eat with every Saturday. The orange features Louie’s face drawn in great detail, salty facial hair and all. I deeply appreciate these special gifts and the givers. The thoughts count!

Special Thanks to
Todd Hunley, Chick Fil A Rivergate, our first supplier and still primary meat supplier Norman Rubio, Publix Hermitage and Antioch, our largest overall food donor Brian Salmone’, Olive Garden Rivergate, our largest banquet food donor with Olive Garden Hickory Hollow, provided by TJ and Teresa, pictured below…

louie 001

As a Christian Patriots Minister, Historian, Constitutionalist, Documentarian, Author,Louie E. Johnston Jr. personifies the American dream, being blessed of God in the greatest nation on earth for opportunity.


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