December 29, 2010




Former Homeless Adam is a completely new creature this Christmas than when he came into our Christian Men’s Discipleship Training Center in April this year. Our Training Center (private apartments provided by a Supporter) exists so Homeless men who really want help, can get it…a cocoon where butterflies
emerge in time.

In all my decades of Ministries to the Homeless and Hopeless, there is no person I am more proud of than Adam, who was just desperate enough to actually do whatever it took to change himself…to learn to do things God’s way instead of his way. Adam was not a drinker, smoker, druggie, or a lazy bum. Adam was a broken young man in his mid thirties, wrongly convinced by years of abuse, that he could not complete any task successfully, no matter how small, much less get and keep a regular job where consistent achievement is vital. Any task given to Adam was subject to cause a panic attack from fear of failure, or, to the opposite extreme, Adam would make false pride induced independent decisions that would sabatoge success of a task or project. In other words he changed the task
mission without authority. Physically, Adam had no upper body strength, so manual labor was tough at best.

Adam was given dozens of small tasks, and mentored to insure he succeeded, so his self confidence over time would replace his anxiety and fear of failure, even learning that failure is not terminal, but rather a part of learning and a part of human living.
Not everything is a spiritual issue. Adam joined a new family at Judson Baptist Church, where the Jim Hayes Bible Class made him welcomed and loved, so much that after a few weeks of their loving on him, he began to believe they actually did love him, and was actually glad to see him every week. Things started to click then.

Adam did not succeed at first, unable to retain the job we found for him due to his physical limitations and anxiety. It was a time of a crisis of faith for Adam, a vital time of choosing focus or escape. He saw that our Ministries were focused on helping the Homeless and Hopeless, and our purpose as Christians in life was serving others instead of serving ourselves. When he failed, he was not executed as he expected, but was mentored with Christian love and compassion. The more he failed and was not executed for it, but rather coached and encouraged, his failures became fewer.

Adam in time embraced the role of volunteer we require all who live here, becoming a mature, well trained Assistant Minister and vital hub of our Homeless Ministries operations, collecting our food and clothing donations, rising early on Saturdays to make our 15 gallons of coffee for the Homless, driving our Clothing Bus, driving our Van, hooking and hauling our equipment trailer, helping set up tables and chairs…all before leaving for work every Saturday at his new job!

Adam was hired full time late summer, quickly moved up to permanent status, issued uniforms, and his boss asks me constantly if I have any more guys like Adam that he could hire!
Adam was welcomed at Thanksgiving by his family. The visit went so well he was invited to spend a few days with them at Christmas…he is a new creature in Christ!

Adam is now earning his way to independence, making mature budget plans, ready for a good used car of his own that I believe someone will provide through this ministry. “God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him…” Adam is proof.


Special Thanks for 2010 to
Todd Hunley, Chick Fil A Rivergate, our first supplier and still primary meat supplier
Norman Rubio, Publix Hermitage and Antioch, our largest overall food donor Brian Salmone’, Olive Garden Rivergate, our largest banquet food donor Stephen Lin, China Buffet, Gallatin and Hendersonville Red Lobsters, Pizza Huts, Starbucks Ken Binkley Signs for lettering our vehicles, exhibit booth, parking our vehicles!
Phil and Julie Robertson donated the Dodge Ram pickup doing triple duty now.
Tom Alexander, The Bridge Fellowship Mt Juliet donated our refurbished Chevy Van
Who is God speaking to now about volunteering, donating a vehicle, a building for a Church, a rural 5 acre+ tract for a Homeless ChristianTraining Center?

As a Christian Patriots Minister, Historian, Constitutionalist, Documentarian, Author,Louie E. Johnston Jr. personifies the American dream, being blessed of God in the greatest nation on earth for opportunity.


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