U.S. Congress Funding Enemy Terrorists!


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The Case for Impeachment of Congress for Treason, Conspiracy, and Fraud!

The Congress of the United States is arrogantly and openly committing treason against America by seizure of her God-given natural resources, evidently believing they own and control what actually belongs to us.  By forcing Americans to buy oil and gas from known terrorist sponsors, Congress “gives aid and comfort to our enemies”…the very definition of treason.

Giving “aid and comfort to American enemies” by forcing us to transfer $700 billion annually of American wealth to our enemies for the very same natural resources for which we have a plentiful supply, owned by the American people, is an act of Treason and Conspiracy.  Justice demands the immediate resignation or impeachment and removal from office of both Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The case against Pelosi and Reid:

Only 9% of Americans approve of Nancy and Harry, or their insanity. With 91% of Americans disapproving the two highest Congressional leaders, real Patriot leaders would have resigned long ago in disgrace.

These dictators, with a 9% approval rating, represent only San Francisco and Nevada, and no other part of America, yet they publicly impersonate the power of the office of the President.

The arrogant Speaker of the House refused to even allow a vote on this crisis while Americans suffered, choosing instead a 5-week vacation traveling on her tax-paid jet.

Pelosi says we should use our Strategic Oil Reserve of two months supply, evidently believing it is plenty of time to get the solar, wind, nuclear, bio this and that, hybrids, coal and steam ready to replace gasoline in our cars and trucks!  Two months should be plenty of time to develop those alternative fuels…why we’ll just call Dorothy and get her to click her heels and repeat “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.” We will awake and everything will be lovely in the Wonderful World of Washington!  Of course, America will be shut down…out of gas.  No doubt that will be the President’s fault for “failing to lead”!  We the people outside DC know better.

Forcing Americans to buy from terrorist sponsoring enemies, paying terrorist dictated prices for gasoline, by preventing use of America’s natural resources to produce American gasoline cheaper, is a Criminal Conspiracy against every American citizen and our future generations.  Pelosi and Reid admit guilt, proudly denying our President the resources to help our nation!

Nancy and Harry and their sheep who vote as they are told have willfully and deliberately made America suffer irreparable harm.  We the people witnessed and warned them about the Treason, Conspiracy, and Fraud forced upon America, and we the people find Congress guilty!

We the people now demand a Special Prosecutor for their Impeachment and Removal!


The Truth about President Bush’s Policy:

In 2001 President Bush asked Congress to get their hands off of the people’s natural resources, to remove ridiculous restrictions on refineries and drill everywhere, as America has more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia.  Opponents denounced and somehow defeated this plan by political dishonesty, claiming President Bush was “just looking to reward his big oil buddies” by increasing their share of American oil expenditures.  Of course the media spread it.

When Hurricane Katrina knocked out vital American gasoline refineries, President Bush again asked Congress to remove the bull manure coating preventing new gasoline refineries from being built in America.  Congress said “No” again, and “No” again.

America would have oil and gasoline from its own natural resources this year, had we followed the Leadership of the President every year since 2001, and began drilling for our own oil, while building gasoline refineries that were bureaucratic red tape free.

Today we would be enjoying the reduction of gasoline imported from our Terrorist enemies from 70% to SOME LESSER AMOUNT!  More American gasoline supply is less American money given to our terrorist supporting enemies, a good thing only an enemy of America would oppose.  This ongoing process of Treason, Conspiracy, and Fraud must be reckoned with now, and the delusional lunacy stopped today!




The Truth About Congress:

We, the American people, have warned Congress for many months now with polls proving 91% of America votes “No Confidence”, which Congress ignores.   In delusional denial, outrageously and arrogantly, Congressional leaders claim the authority and power invested solely in the only nationally elected office of the President of the United States.

The Leaders and many members of the delusional 9% Congress insanely believe they actually represent all the American people, instead of their very small portion of Americans that elected them.

They delude themselves to believe they were elected to a position superior to the President, as his Supervisor, instead of cleaning up their local area messes in their own states.  Blaming the President is “change”, regardless of the truth or consequences of publicly disrespecting our only nationally elected leader.

In fact, our President, the only person who has been vetted, chosen by national elections, twice, and approved by all Americans, who alone stands and represents the entire country of the United States of America, has asked Congress consistently to allow the natural resources of America to be used without government interference.  Our delusional Congress just says no.

They do not like oil or gasoline.  Their delusional thinking to force “we the people” to use fantasy fuels that do not exist, with no price known for a tank full, like wind, solar, corn power to fill our transportation fuel tanks could only come from their “debate club” where ridiculous, empty intellectual words, concepts and delusions are accepted as good ideas, facts and truth…where oil and gasoline emergency today becomes a pulpit to promote fantasy transportation fuel substitutes that do not even exist.  That is their answer to “we the people” with empty fuel tanks.  Air your tires, freeze in your homes, put sails on your trucks…just “change”!

I recall vividly the “debate club” deciding that “Ethanol” was the answer…wrong…it seems they needed a math lesson, which was that Ethanol would cost $8 per gallon to fill a gas tank and require a gallon of gasoline be used as raw material for every gallon of ethanol produced.  This is insanity.  We the people don’t hear much about that since we discovered the insanity of it.

Now we the people are paying a “stupid tax” of triple the previous cost of food since corn prices rose, while Congress shamelessly vacations and prepares for their next “debate club” session.

Should the current majority party members of the House and Senate fail to immediately remove their current leaders that they, themselves, elected and placed in control, preventing Americans from the benefits of our natural resources, then impeachment charges must also be levied against every member of the majority party.

After the majority party with leadership power is purged, any minority party representative who supported the majority party by denying Americans the use of our resources must also be purged.

We the people now demand a Special Prosecutor for their Impeachment and Removal!


We the People demand real change!

Senator Barack Hussein Obama used to discuss Ethanol constantly, and talks “change”…the forcing of Americans to use alternate sources of fuel for our vehicles that are “change” in his eyes, regardless of his ignorance that Congress has NO CLUE about the delivered cost that “we the people” actually have to pay for their “fantasy fuels”…that do not currently exist.   Ask Oracle Obama what it will cost to fill a vehicle’s fuel tank with any of his fantasy fuels…then let the President drill.

“Change”…right now, today, just stop using gasoline and begin to use “change” energy that exists only in their delusional minds, the “Wonderful World of Washington,” a world without smelly old gasoline or real world costs of delivery!  Their delusional insanity convicts them all. Our entire country depends on trucking goods inland from the coasts and borders and return with life saving food to our grocers.  Shutting down gas and diesel fuel supplies for 3-4 weeks will starve our families and create chaos, but the delusional Congress cares more that our streets will smell nicer if we the people are forced to ride bicycles or modify our vehicles to use sails, in which case it could become a crime to pray for wind, unless we the people face east.

Tell “we the people” what it will cost us to fill our tanks with your fantasy fuels before dictating to us what we put in our tanks or how to air our tires and set our home thermostats.  Let us have our natural resources now, or face the consequences.

Oil and gas is no doubt the best available economic transportation energy value currently, and will be for however long it takes to develop and deliver something better to the marketplace, probably in the next few decades!

Forcing America to alter our standard and quality of living in our homes, our cars, our Groceries where food prices have tripled, and our workplace where we are now working 4 longer days weekly instead of 5 days, while claiming publicly that drilling and delivering more American resource oil to the marketplace is not a viable solution, as if we can just let our vehicles sit idle.

Throwing money at technologies that have been around for 25 years and have yet to be perfected to replace the available, affordable, existing, proven, energy of oil and gasoline, that could be provided 100% from our own natural resources is the illusion of the insane, delusional, treasonous Congress wannabe leaders Nancy and Harry.

Congress conspires with our terrorist enemies, all of whom are laughing at us while raking in the $700 billion annually in earned oil revenues that should be kept in AMERICAN accounts, paying American taxes, funding American families, and programs for American poor and needy. Congress must look in the mirror and accept responsibility and accountability for their failures.



My ministry to the homeless needs gas today to pick up food and clothing donations or needy people go hungry.  Mass transit buses and our entire national transportation system “we the people” use daily to survive has to have existing fuels today.  We cannot wait on fantasy fuels.