Isolationism…Dangerous Deceit?


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Louie E. Johnston Jr., Founderwww.ChristianPatriots.usChristian Patriots Historian, Minister, Author, Speaker

Evangelicals canlearn from Mormons!

I am troubled by posts and polls for Presidential Candidates I too frequently see, that a small but loud and loyal percentage are obviously not aware of the historically proven incredible danger that the only Isolationism candidate advocates…probably because they do not understand the true meaning of Isolationism vs. Protectionism.

Protectionism involves not trading goods with other countries. Isolationism is withdrawing to [one’s own, presumably fortified, borders] and leaving the rest of the world’s nations to fight it out among themselves.

Isolationism is not Biblical, where God stated clearly regarding Israel “I will Bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you”…friends, I want to be caught red handed Blessing Israel, not cursing them by abandoning them. I want God to see me as their best friend, as most Americans want to be because they know and understand that scripture and God’s clear command for His chosen people to defend and support each other. Isolationism says to ignore evil so you can keep more money in your own pocket, but the Bible says “to ignore evil is to condone it”.

Isolationism in America allowed Hitler’s U boats to sink 681 American ships before going to war to stop him. American interests are global. Evil brutal oppression is global. Muslim War against America is global…our Military campaign killed Muslim enemies in 106 countries. This is what it took to keep our Homeland safe.

Isolationism for America is suicidal. It requires America to surrender our position as the Superpower to “withdraw to [one’s own, presumably fortified, borders] and leaving the rest of the world’s nations to fight it out among themselves.”

In that case, we are truly defenseless.  We could only beg for mercy from the new Super Power.

I have seen enough of Hitler’s death camps, Muslim beheadings of innocent people on the internet, and evil we can only imagine inflicted by those whose mission is to oppress,  toremain silent and allow Isolationism to rob America of our well earned status as Super Power, a respect bought by the blood of our Christian Patriots Past, Present, and Future.

Historians study the past in order to know how to prevent repeating the same mistakes.  Had we failed to correct our Isolationism attitudes and failed to stop Hitler from sinking our American ships at sea, we would speak German today.  The fact we did so only when Hitler hurt our personal pocket book by sinking our cargo ships at sea is shameful, but useful to us today to prevent the same stinking thinking from taking root.

Our motivation for World War II should have been rescuing our Allies under attack, but it was our losses at sea.

Our Isolationism from other countries is perceived as a declaration of war by many, including Japan in WWII.

We shunned Isolationism to win the Cold War over the former USSR, but only got serious about it after Russia moved nuclear missles into Cuba, just a few short miles from our border.  Only then did we realize that Isolationism allowed our enemies to build their military strength unchecked, an open invitation to surround our borders and lay siege to our nation.

Isolationism cannot stand.  The only Presidential Candidate advocating for it, is Dangerous and Deceiving.

The Bible says “To whom much is given…much is expected…”, and in Hosea 4:6 “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”