Holocaust Anniversary Shameful Reminder


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Louie E. Johnston Jr., Founderwww.ChristianPatriots.usChristian Patriots Historian, Minister, Author, Speaker

Evangelicals canlearn from Mormons!

How pitifully little I know and do… yesterday I met Holocaust survivor Annette Lantos, with a beaming smile to be alive today. Ms. Lantos survives her late husband, Tom Santos, also a Holocaust survivor from Budapest, Hungary, where hero Raul Wallenberger preserved their lives from being two of six million Jews murdered, while Christians condoned this horror by their collective and individual apathy.

I heard my hero Laurie Cardoza Moore articulate, as only she can, the horrible and shameful truth, that 29 Nations, including the USA, are actively demonstrating against the family of my Lord and Savior, their intent being to Delegitimize Israel as a nation, in order to Dehumanize the Jews, to make their extinction acceptable.
Yes, Muslims in the USA are demonstrating in our streets in Florida against Israel, shouting “what you need are more ovens”… calling for a renewal of the Nazi Concentration Camp ovens that killed millions of Jews. I am determined to know and do much more to be a friend of God, starting with caring for His family.

Laurie Cardoza Moore is the Christian Wife and Mother who started PJTN.org that today is the greatest Pro Israel advocacy group in America. Laurie now serves as an Israel advocate in the U.N. where Israel is maligned constantly…but Laurie fights daily to defend Israel. Will you join me supporting Laurie in The War Zone, commit to knowing and doing our Biblical duties as a Christian for Israel, or let the new Holocaust continue?

Tom Lantos came to America with a destiny to become the first Holocaust survivor to be elected a U.S. Congressman. Tom used his influence to establish a Human Rights Commission the U.S. Congress supports, to stay alert to stop senseless murder and genocide on planet earth.

Now more than ever, the Jewish people and their nation Israel are under vicious attack by entire nations of people whose lives are irrationally fixated around dehumanizing Jews, to make it somehow acceptable to annihilate Jews where they stand, sit, or pray. Taking joy in murdering innocent people is blatant evil.
The new pathological anti-Semitism is spreading like cancer, consuming entire nations of human beings that hate because they are told and trained to hate, who never knew a Jew personally. Jews do not hate or initiate war against anyone unilaterally, nor harbor hatred for anyone or any nation in their hearts.

Where are the Christians today regarding our Biblical duties toward the Jewish people chosen by our God as His chosen people, given the land of Israel by God Jehovah Himself?
Is Christian apathy the driving force behind the new anti- Semitism today, as it was when Hitler murdered 6 million Jews, robbing not only their families, but all mankind of their intellectual capital and brilliance.

Germany, where Christianity gained individual liberties from Martin Luther through the Protestant Reformation, was also the tool of satan himself, as the Christian Churches sat in apathy and did nothing.
Christian Church Sunday morning worship was often not as loud as the screams and cries of Jewish people packed in those railroad cattle cars, on the way to Nazi Concentration Camps, where massive ovens waited.

Laurie Cardoza Moore still fights daily, tirelessly, on behalf of American Christians to say “Never again”.
Join me in supporting Laurie at www.pjtn.org to know and do more to insure “Never Again” is reality.