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Louie Johnston Jr. born 1950, accomplished multi sport athlete and coach at high school and college levels, also excelled in multiple industries, including transportation, manufacturing, computer systems design, Consulting. Johnston’s MBA, Consulting success, 50+ state of the art systems designed and implemented, including a U.S. Patent for computer system installed world wide for the U.S.A. Military are examples.

Since 2001 to present, was called into full time God & Country service with zero personal compensation as a Minister, Chaplain, U.S. Historian, Constitutionalist, God & Country Judeo Christian Patriot activist, Speaker. Johnston has to date authored 12 books, produced 8 Documentaries, 50+ Television programs, many seen on Fox and other national networks, syndicated radio programs & columns, legislation for 31 States, Praise & Worship CDs, US History audio cds.

Johnston devotes his personal resources in Founding and serving without compensation as Director for Layman, Mobile Church for Homeless, Hungry, Needy Americans, providing Training for Patriot Pastors in America through Patriot, providing a free American online Judeo Christian Heritage library through American Constitution, a collective hub of all his work at Louie, all during and after a successful business career in multiple industries, including owning the Blue Wing trademark, founded in 1919 and subsequent Founder and Director of Blue Wing and the Blue Wing International products and services.