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Louie E. Johnston Jr., Founderwww.ChristianPatriots.usChristian Patriots Historian, Minister, Author, Speaker

 Evangelicals canlearn from Mormons!

As a Southern Evangelical Christian, aHomeless Ministerthe past decade, raised a Baptist, I must rebuke Southern Baptist Ethics Commission Leader Richard Land’s public, outrageous, dishonest, slander sayingMormons are like Muslims.  Stating Mitt Romney is not a Christian is an outrageous statement no man can make about another man he does not even know. Land’s Ethics here smells like political sewage at best.

Mormons like Mitt Romney are victims, not of any wrongdoing whatsoever, but of slander politics from  Richard Land types, with a personal agenda, who defile their Religious office by slandering political opponents.

My beloved America will surely suffer irreparable harm should Southern Evangelicals act like sheep and follow blindly this slander, instead of personal investigation to find truth… then vote like informed Christian Patriots.

Truth, that sets us free, as translated in the Bible, is from a Greek word that means divine revelation.

To compare Mormons with Muslims is outrageous slander, not divine revelation. It is ignorant arrogance.

God Jehovah loves Muslims who earnestly seek divine guidance, and alone will judge their hearts and intent.  Many are deceived, trust their parents to guide them as youths, cannot read, or never know an alternative.

Mormons and Evangelicals have the same God Jehovah of The Holy Bible, a spirit who hates graven images, and would not be caught dead having a Crescent Moon and star representing Him, when He created both!

Muslims have what both Mormons and Evangelicals call a false god, allah, the moon god of Arabia. Muslims must pray facing East toward Mecca, where God Jehovah hears prayers just fine from any direction, spoken or unspoken.  Muslim prayers have widely varying power based on geography. The maximum power when prayed at Mecca, less power at Medina, and least power in newer mosques, or maybe in the desert. Prayer to God Jehovah also have varying power, but not by geographical location. God Jehovah says the prayers of righteous man availeth much so prayer power with Him is based on the heart and love driven obedience.

Muslims claim the Bible was corrupted, not to be believed, explaining their disputed Abrahamic covenant, and that the Quran was superior. It says in Sura 98:6 that people of the book(all Bible believers) are the worst of creatures. My book Speak Truth in Love to Muslims defines well over 100 clear issues proving Muslims have their god, scriptural text, and mission opposite that of God Jehovah.

I was honored to stay in a Mormon home, where I observed John and Regina daily, questioned their spiritual choices in depth, and discovered that most Mormons obey God’s Word, while most Christians do not.

I was raised a typical Southern Evangelical, one that enjoys sweet iced tea, coffee, cokes… yet John and Regina did not drink any. They provided those drinksfor me out of hospitality with a smile, but did not drink them personally. They did not comment on it.  I had to pull it out of them that Mormons believed their bodies were God’s temple, so they did not put stimulants into their bodies out of respect to God.  They lived to show respect, walking the walk the Bible instructs out of genuine love for God, a choice that made them happy and well.

They did not condemn my choices, nor did they impose their choices on me, just quietly walked their walk. Mormon families are their focus, every person loved, where mutual respect actually thrives in their homes.

That was the start of my gentle education John and Regina shared with me, but only as I probed and sought answers.  Yes, I discovered doctrine I do not embrace, but learned Mormons are extremely close to God Jehovah of The Holy Bible. Our common ground Under God Jehovah is boundless if we Evangelicals want it.

Mormons do not overindulge while eating, drinking, talking, or walking the walk they quietly choose.  I admire them greatly. Since staying with John and Regina, I have met numerous Mormons, all with impeccable character I am proud to call my friends.  I have never met a Harry Reid, a Mormon In Name Only.

Mormons live highly disciplined lives, obey The Holy Bible, and, unlike Richard Land, do not beat people over the head with a ten pound Bible trying to get them to submit to a denomination doctrine that is selective scripture based at best, and at worst deliberate deception by omission and/or suppression of The Holy Bible.

Land’s slander in the middle of Southern Republican Primaries is sickening politics by an open Santorum supporter, that also influences the Southern Evangelical sheep who blindly follow their Religious Leaders, drinking their Kool Aid while being sheared!

How does Land explain Santorum donates 1.2% to his Church each year, while Mitt Romney has exceeded the Biblical 10% Tithe by donating 15% every year directly to his local Church, whether running for office or not. Mitt Romney has donated many millions to Charity, extremely generous and impressive, speaking volumes.

Land should at least be honest and admit Santorum voted to fund Planned Parenthood every year of his 16 years as a Pennsylvania Congressman and Senator.  Not one vote against funding that abortion factory in 16 years. Talking Pro Life with that voting record is dishonest, as a real leader would vote that they not be funded.

Southern Evangelicals are trained weekly to sit in pews and listen, not to think or research themselves, and very few, maybe 2% serve God outside the Church walls, serving their local poor and needy.  98% ofMormons do.

Mormons actually build, supply, and staff those storehouses in Malachi 3:10, “Bring the tithes into the storehouse, so there may be meat in my house.”  Mormons understand that 1/3 of all Tithes are to be brought into the storehouse, because they actually read and preach the whole Bible, including Deuteronomy 14:22-29.

Verses 28-29 state “At the end of every three years, bring all the tithes of that year’s produce and store it in your towns, so that the Levites, aliens, fatherless, widows, who live in your towns may come and eat and be satisfied, and so that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hands.” One year of 3 is to stock up food.

The specific purpose for Tithesis to “have meat in God’s house”, to have good, satisfying food to feed the Hungry, Homeless, Hopeless in their local community. They are also for local families to celebrate and Praise God with a Banquet of their first fruits grown, or food bought or bartered with their neighbors. (Deut 14:22-23)

Mormons do it.  98% of Mormons store and feed the hungry in their local towns.  98% of Christians do not.  I know.  I have begged Christian Churches in multiple states to do so, Baptists included.

God did provide me a network of Grocery stores, Restaurants, Bakers, Christians who own or manage these food sources, that donate $400,000 annually in surplus food, which feeds our local Homeless, on the streets and in our Training Centers, where Homeless men who want productive Godly lives, can learn to get them.

Christian Churches are guilty of conversion ofTithes from God’s obedient Christians (about 20% of all Christians) by diverting them into Salaries, multi-million dollar buildings on Texas ranch sized campuses, but allfor their selfish selves, no Storehouse to store meat and feed the local Hungry, Homeless, Poor and Needy. Homeless I live with die brutal deaths in the winters, while billions in Evangelical Churches sit warm, vacant.

Meals in Christian Churches are Wednesday night dinners, or socials, no Homeless present, invited, sought, or wanted…if so they would go get them and put them in their seats. None are in their pews on Sundays either.

Mormons have storehouses set apart from their beautiful Worship Tabernacles, fully stocked as any grocery store, maybe moreso, from Tithes. Local poor and needy come into those storehouses and get whatever food satisfies their hunger…meat, fruit, vegetables, not just cheap beans and pasta.

Their storehouses are well organized Groceries, all paid in full by Tithes.

Mormons see the poor and needy are treated with respect, unconditional love, as God instructs in Isaiah 58: 6-10; Luke 14:12-14; Matthew 25:31-45, where Jesus will judge all nations by one criteria only…did we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless…or not?Sheep or Goats…one line lives in eternity with God.

Mormons will be in the Sheep line…they get it.  They live it.  God blesses them for it, if you have eyes to see.

Most Southern Evangelicals and Christian Churches of all nations will blindly live their lives without the vital knowledge I present here, directly from God’s Word that their Preachers never warned them about, blindly Tithing to man madedenominations evolved into organizations, not living organisms the Church body defines

Mormons, by the way, have not had polygamy since the Supreme Court ruled in 1892 they could not practice Polygamy in the United States, ruling “polygamy offended the Christian Religion”.  Mormons chose to align themselves with the Christian Religion to be good citizens of the United States, and banish their polygamy.

Suddenly Mormon families had to shed some wives, extreme trauma.  Many chose to move to Mexico missions operated by Mormon missionaries, to allow existing polygamy families to live out their lives together instead of picking one wife to keep and throw the other wives to the streets.  Children of those Missionary families, like George Romney, moved back to the USA and moved forward in monogamous families, where his son Mitt was born and raised.  I find every detail intheir handling that very traumatic situation, extremely God pleasing.

Mormons, Jews, Catholics, even Southern Evangelical Christians, are founded and grounded on God Jehovah of The Holy Bible.  Our founding fathers discovered that we must find unity in our God and The Holy Bible.

Mormons, Jews, Catholics, even Southern Evangelical Christians, forgive, and pray for our enemies.

Muslims despise, condemn, torture, and cut off the heads of their enemies (which are all non Muslims).

Surely no Evangelical Christian would criticize a Mormon without knowing some personally.

How Richard Land slanders Mormons by comparing them to Muslims, brings me toEzekiel 12:2 “Son of man, you are living among a rebellious people. They have eyes to see but do not see and ears to hear but do not hear, for they are a rebellious people.

I pray Evangelicals wake up and work out their own salvation as the Bible says, to reach out to Mormons as God’s people, to talk to them with intent to learn from Mormons, all we can learn that would make us better people in God’s eyes…surely none of us are so perfect in God’s eyes that we cannot learn from Mormons.