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Louie E. Johnston Jr., Founderwww.ChristianPatriots.usChristian Patriots Historian, Minister, Author, Speaker

Evangelicals canlearn from Mormons!

Public debate between candidates is a right American citizens must demand of every candidate for every office.

Debate is the foundation and the very fabric of our society, the furnace process where impurities are isolated and removed, creating purified gold with a higher value that did not exist prior to the process.  Debate, like gold refining, exposes impurities never before seen by human eye.

Every citizen has an obligation, duty, and right, to give personal attention to every candidate seeking office at every level of our self-government system.  Our attention must focus on our duty, to choose only one candidate for every office that most closely aligns with our personal values, who pledges publicly to represent those values, but more importantly, has demonstrated in their personal history their consistent alignment with our values.  Debate is the only means of examination under fire that will achieve our goal and mission.

As an athlete and Coach, I was taught “Sports builds Character”, but discovered “Sports reveals Character”.

In stress, pressure, competition, and Debate, we are not “building” Character, but are surely “revealing” it.

I am a Christian Patriot.  God expects me to always be prepared and equipped to share and defend my Faith boldly, any time, any place, as long as it is orderly and respectful.  If I cannot relish all opportunities to share and defend my Faith, I cannot please God.  If I cannot please God, I must reprioritize until I can please Him.

Christian Patriots do not play games, political or otherwise, in our duties, obligations, or rights as citizens.

While others are led by their nose rings pulled by polls, focus groups, political science strategies, historical statistics, Kings and King makers, which have rules that require a candidate to debate if they are behind, but refuse to debate if they are ahead, Christian Patriots are led only by God Jehovah and The Holy Bible.

“Speak Truth in Love” is not optional. It is commanded. Truth is complete.  It cannot be truth if distorted, partial, suppressed, or otherwise diminished in any way.

Debate is in itself a tool every citizen employs to find Truth.  We find it in the words of candidates, surely, but we also find it in facial expressions, body language, tempers, passion, calmness, assurances, leadership skills, positive and negative.  We find it in answers given under challenge from competitors, whether each challenge is fielded cleanly and responsively or rattles a cage and unleashes an animal inside we had not seen before.

Every candidate for every office in America is applying for a job, to serve We The People as we see fit.

Candidates for American government do not dictate employment terms and conditions or their Job Descriptions.

Christian Patriots welcome public debates as opportunities to serve, to Speak Truth in Love.