D DAY, JUNE 6, 1944


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Louie E. Johnston Jr., Founderwww.ChristianPatriots.usChristian Patriots Historian, Minister, Author, Speaker

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D Day…June 6, 1944…God alone graciously and miraculously granted America victory and preserved our freedom from attacks of an insane dictator who had sank 608 American ships at sea before a cowardly minded America would engage and fight. We entered the war to protect our pockets, not to rescue Europe or Jews being slaughtered daily in Holocaust ovens…sad to admit, but may truth be told.


God intervened to overcome a disaster in the making caused by horrible mistakes by a good man, General Omar Bradley, who chose a frontal assault with foot soldiers instead of heavy tanks that normally clear the way for foot soldiers. Our soldiers were forced to endure an 11 mile boat ride in choppy seas instead of 5-7 miles, just to be sure our battleships were far enough away from shore guns.


Sea sick, wobbly legged soldiers with 68 pound back packs were drowned during landing or slaughtered horribly by German crack 3rd Division troops…not the Reserves American intelligence said were manning those guns.  Our victory came as German guns ran out of ammunition, and our boys cut off their supply lines.

Our soldiers kept coming, and dying, until we exhausted the German ammunition supplies…that is an indication of the extent of the horrible, massive slaughter of our heroes on the Normandy beaches.


Frontal assault, uphill, through barbed wire and land mines, was impossible by foot soldiers alone.

Our heroes could see the slaughter on the beach, as boat after boat brought scared, sea sick soldiers closer and closer to shore, as they watched their probable fate play out before their eyes, realizing they had only seconds to live…yet, our heroes did not shrink from doing their duty, or fail to engage the enemy as best they could.  Their sheer bravery and devotion to America is as amazing as any event of war in history…no warriors were braver.


Somehow, some way, our American warrior heroes “found a way” to not only survive, but to win the Victory, using ingenuity and good old “American Know how”, a gift from God who rescues and delivers, always, today and on this day in 1944.


Let us never forget our American warrior heroes, Past, Present, and Future, whose very life blood bought our Freedom! God Bless them… every one. God Bless America!