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Evangelicals canlearn from Mormons!

With RINOs now extinct by my prior autopsy, I reveal CINO³ as the culprits destroying America.

CINO³  are to the third power, so we begin with CINO¹ as culprit power number one.

CINO¹ are Conservative In Name Only, which best describes the political species that evolved in Washington’s District of Corruption, when RINOs became extinct because the name Republican no longer stood for anything.

Conservative In Name Only is the same disease that destroyed the old Democrat political party when their last true conservative Democrat, Senator Zell Miller, resigned his Senate seat in disgust, publicly declaring the Democratic party he knew and loved was extinct, the remnant he described as a Progressive Socialist mess.

CINO¹ talk tough Conservative language when campaigning, but sell out to compromise and cave in to vote with Progressive Socialist values like funding the Planned Parenthood abortion factory or ObamaCare…by the way, how would any rational person call Abortion a Health Care issue, except in those extremely rare cases where anemergency childbirth choice must be made between either the mother’s life or the baby’s life?

Why is there a mandatory $1 Abortion Surcharge in ObamaCare that forces every person in America to pay that $1 hidden Abortion Surcharge, in violation of our Constitution and the Hyde Amendment, violating every sworn oath taken by Congress, but approved by CINO¹ who never bothered to examine the entire Bill to discover these landmines and sound the alarm…too busy campaigning, always ATEO (Addicted to Elected Office) is top priority…playing the game…get that next fix and Enablers to fund it.

No “Constitutional Civil Right” exists that force strangers, like me and you, to pay for any abortion.

Pro Choice, Right to choose… starts with paying for your own abortion and leave taxpayers out of it altogether.

CINO¹ talk tough as Pro Life Advocates publicly, but then actually vote to confirm known Abortion Lovers and Progressive Socialists as Federal Judges at every level, putting those Culture Vultures in line to be Supreme Court Justices! They cannot vote against Culture Vultures when they put them on the bench to start with.

CINO¹example is former Pennsylvania Republican Congressman, then Senator, Rick Santorum, with a 16 year Voting Record, a really nice guy I like personally. In Rick Santorum’s case, who claims he is the Champion Conservative, the current default Choice du Jour of myEvangelical Christianfriends now on their 3rd primary candidate (which speaks volumes they cannot hear)…Rickvoted Yesover on every budget increase Planned Parenthood requested…every single year, every dollar, over 16 years, without a single opposing NO vote.

Rick’s YES votes fueled the Planned Parenthood abortion factory those 16 years.

Not to take one isolated issue as an epidemic, voting records do not change, so we can examine Rick’s 16 years as a Congressman and Senator.  CINO¹ Voting records are very inconvenient truth these days.

Judicial Nominations (How do these Culture Vulture Judges get on the bench?  CINO¹ YES VOTES!)
Voted for Richard Paez to the 9th Circuit Court Circus (cloture)
Voted for Sonia Sotomayor, Circuit Judge (inexcusable to approve to any court)
Voted for Richard Holbrooke to be Ambassador to the UN
Voted for Margaret Morrow to be District Judge
Voted twice for Marsha Berzon to the 9th Circuit Court Circus
Voted for Mary McLaughlin to be District Judge
Voted for Tim Dyk to be District Judge
Voted for James Brady to be District Judge

States Rights

Voted to force States (force is the rub to me, not the issue) to restore convicted felons rights to vote, etc.

Voted against National Right to Work Act (Hello…anybody home?)
Voted for Alexis Herman to be Secretary of Labor
Voted for mandatory Federal child care funding
Voted for Trade Adjustment Assistance.
Voted for Job Corps funding (just raise the Debt Ceiling again!)
Voted twice in support of Fedex Unionization (Hello…anybody reading?)
Voted against allowing a waiver of Davis-Bacon in emergency situations.
Voted for minimum wage increases six times
Voted to require a union representative on an IRS oversight board.
Voted to exempt IRS union representative from criminal ethics laws.
Voted against creating independent Board of Governors to investigate IRS abuses.

Voted to require pawn shops to do background checks on people who pawn a gun.
Voted twice to make it illegal to sell a gun without a secure storage or safety device.
Voted for Federal funding for anti-gun education programs in schools.

Bankruptcy (actually a bill solely against pro lifedemonstraters!)
Voted for a Schumer amendment to make the debts of pro-life demonstrators not dischargeable in bankruptcy.
Amendment Number: S.Amdt. 2763 to S. 625 (Bankruptcy Judgeship Act of 1999)
Vote Counts: YEAs 80 (So a NAY vote on principle would be expected by Pro Life Champions!)

NAYs 17 (including Fred Thompson, Phil Gramm, Bunning, Sessions, even McCain, Lugar voted against it!)
Defense and Foreign Policy
Voted for the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).
Voted for the START II Treaty
Voted to allow the sale of supercomputers to China.
Voted against increasing defense spending offset by equivalent cuts in non-defense spending.
Voted to require that Federal bureaucrats get the same payraises as uniformed military.
Voted to allow food and medicine sales to state sponsors of terror and tyrannical regimes (i.e. Libya, Cuba).
Voted to limit the President’s authority to impose sanctions on nations for reasons of national security unless the sanctions were approved by a multilateral regime.
Voted against requiring Congressional authorization for military action in Bosnia.
Voted to give $25 million in foreign aid to North Korea
Voted to weaken alien terrorist deportation provisions. (If the Court determines that the evidence must be withheld for national security reasons, the Justice Department must still provide a summary of the evidence sufficient for the alien terrorist to mount a defense against deportation.)
Voted against the Conventional Trident Missile Program
Does anyone even care about checking actual voting records of a POTUS candidate?  I grieve over conservatives who do not compare records with rhetoric, jumping from one candidate du jour to another without any due diligence. I grieve over everyone who blindly believes information without personal verification.

What in our actions as Conservatives would make non Conservatives want to join our cause, when our Leadership we approve speaks one way, votes the opposite, yet we keep sending them back to Washington?

As sure as Liberal Lunacy is a disease, so is the CINO¹ Circus we Conservatives pay to aid and abet it.